RM07-003 Non Mercury Gallium Thermometer

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Certificate: CE ISO9001 ISO13485

Standard: EN 12470:2000

Material: The mixture of gallium and lndium insteads of mercury.

Gallium (68.38%) Indium (21.23%) Tin (10.38%)

Length: 128+8mm and-5 mm, width 12+/- 0.4mm

Measuring range:  35°C--42°C or 96°F--106°F

Accurate :   37°C+0.1°C and -0.15°C, 41°C+0.1°Cand-0.15°C

Storage temperature:  0°C-42°C

Operating temperature:  15°C-30°C

Packing: 1 piece in a plastic case, 12pcs in a box, 720pcs per carton


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