RM06-021 Hospital Medical Disposable Vaginal Speculum

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Speculum in general are a family of medical instruments which are used to visualize the interior of the body by inserting the instrument to get a better view. In the case of a vaginal speculum, the instrument includes a blade which is gently inserted and used to dilate the vagina to make it easier to see. Classically, doctors use a two-bladed speculum which resembles the bills of a duck, with a locking handle to manipulate the blades, although single blade vaginal speculum are also available.

It can be used for the checking and treatment of gynecology disease in hospitals or clinics . Before using it , user must read the usage manual , and then take the speculum , push the ” duckbill ” of speculum that is closed into the vaginal slowly .
Open the ” duckbill ” of speculum according to demand , fix the nut of speculum ,then it can be used for checking and treatment of gynecology disease . After all ,loose the nut of speculum , and take ” duckbill ” of speculum out of the vaginal slowly .
The speculum is for single use only and must be destroyed after use . Reuse is prohibited .

Specification :
Made of polystyrene ;
It is a transparent substance , non-toxic , medical grade
Size : Large / Middle / Small ( In compliance with international standard )
Type : Side screw , French type , Middle screw , Rack type , American type
Supplied sterile in individual polybag or Film + Polybag or blister pack
sterilized by ethylene oxide gas

Package :
 1 pc / bag , 100 bags / carton . polyethylene bag ( PE bag ) , polypropylene bag ( PP bag ) , and paper-plastic bag can be choosed .

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