RM02-002 Medical Disposable Enteral Feeding Tube

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Made from non-toxic, non-irritant soft PVC

For Child type(Fr4~Fr10, 40cm length)

Can be packing as string packing

Colour -coded for size identification

With X-ray without is available

Size: Fr4~Fr22

Smooth plastic two-eyed tube used for nasogastric feeding of neonates, infants and adults as well as diagnostic and therapeutic aspiration. Transparent tube for easy observation of fluids.


Colour-coded for size identification

With X-ray or without is available

Size:   Fr4-Fr10, tube and connector length 40cm
           Fr12-Fr22, tube and connector length 120cm
           Fr4-Fr8, tube length 45cm
           Fr12-Fr22, tube length 125cm 

And the Connector length is 3cm/ 4cm

Store claim: store in dark, dry and clean conditions, do not give heavy press

Expiry date: five years

Form of Packing

1pc/PE bag or blister packing

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