RM01-012 Disposable Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes

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Product Description

1.Made of non-toxic medical-grade PVC,transparent,soft and smooth

2.With high volume low press cuff

3.Radio opaque line through the length for x-ray visualization

4.Availabel with Murphy eye only

5.With a spiral wire embedded in the endotracheal tube provides effective resistance to kinking. 

6.Available in both silicon and PVC-based Endotracheal Tube, transparent, soft and smooth.7, Available both with cuff and without cuff.

8.Endotracheal Tube features softer Murphy eye and less evasive tip to prevent damage to tracheal tissue.

9.Tubing transparency and quality conformance are monitored by x-ray visualization to ensure the highest quality of products to be produced.

10.Endotracheal Tube with Murphy Eye, High Volume, Low Pressure Cuff.

11.Flex conform to any patient positions, especially to OPS of decubitus.

12.The preloaded Stylets ensures the tube inserted in the right position conveniently.

13.Packed in blister (Dialysis paper+ film), EO sterilization.

14.OEM & ODM available.

Product Features

- Made of non-toxic medical grade PVC, transparent soft and smooth

- Cuffed & uncuffed optional.

- Nasal and oral working type optional.

-Size: 3.0mm-9.5mm

- Packed in individual blister bag

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