RM01-002 Disposable oxygen nebulizer mask with tubing 2m

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- with elastic strip

- adjustable nose clip

- With 2m oxygen tubing

- Size : S(Pediatric), M ( Child ) , L (Adult) , XL ( Adult Elongated)


A nebulizer mask looks and is very similar to a regular oxygen mask commonly used in the hospital. Unlike a mouthpiece, it covers the mouth and nose and is usually held onto the face using an elastic band.

These kits give you everything you need, a soft clear latex free mask, a high volume nebulizer kit and a clear 2M hose, designed to work with all compressor type nebulizer machines ,with a fully adjustment elastic strap, swivel snout that allows multiple treatment positions, from upright to angles up to 45 degrees.

All materials used in construction of the Oxygen Mask ,and the Oxygen Tubing are latex free, soft and smooth surface without sharp edge and object, They have no undesirable effects on the Oxygen/Medication passing through under ordinary conditions of use. Mask Material are hypoallergenic and shall resist ignition and rapid burning,

Atomization rate is about 0.3ml/min

Drive gas flow is about 4 to 8 L/min

Atomization particle ≤ 5μm 

Production Capacity : 1,000,000 PCS in each month


Size : SPediatric), M ( Child ) , L (Adult) , XL ( Adult Elongated)

Volume of anti-spill jar : 6ml, 15ml. Pulverization granule 1-5um, the Concentration reach to 70%

Expiry date : 5 years

Store claim : store in dark, dry and clean conditions

CE Certificate, ISO 13485 can be approved .

OEM & ODM are available .


Form of packing 1pc packing in a PE bag, 50pcs/100pcs in one carton

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