Health Care in Winter (1)

Our health care methods are different in different seasons, so we must pay attention to the seasons when choosing health care methods. For example, in winter, we should pay attention to some health care methods that are beneficial to our body in winter. If we want to have a healthy body in winter, we must know some general knowledge of winter health care. Let’s see the following explanation.

There are many common sense of health care in winter. We need to learn them carefully and apply them to our life. We need to know the best practice of health care in winter and how to pay attention to the common sense of keeping warm in winter.

Health care knowledge in Winter

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter is the time to hide essence, and the period from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring is the most appropriate period for winter tonic. Health preservation in winter mainly refers to maintaining vital energy, strengthening body and prolonging life by means of diet, sleep, exercise, medicine, etc. So how to keep healthy in winter? The following Chinese food website has compiled some winter health care knowledge for you, including the dietary principles, methods, precautions, and general knowledge of winter health care.

Ancient medicine believed that man corresponds to heaven and earth. This view is absolutely true. The weather has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. People also change with the rotation of the four seasons, so people and nature have the laws of spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter Tibet. People’s pulse also appears spring string, summer flood, autumn solstice and winter stone. As far as modern medicine is concerned, it is hot in summer, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure is low, and pulse is buoyant. It is cold in winter, with vasoconstriction, high blood pressure and sinking pulse. Winter is a quiet time of the year. Everything is collected. For people, winter is also a time of leisure. Metabolism in the body is relatively slow and consumption is relatively reduced. Therefore, winter health care is the best time.

Dietary Principles of Health Care in Winter

In winter, the climate is very cold, with yin flourishing and yang declining. The human body is affected by the cold temperature, and the physiological function and appetite of the body will generate health knowledge. Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust the diet reasonably to ensure the sufficiency of essential nutrients for the human body, so as to improve the cold tolerance and immune health care knowledge of the elderly and make them live through the winter safely and smoothly. First, ensure the supply of heat energy. The cold weather in winter affects the endocrine system of the human body, increasing the secretion of thyroxine, adrenaline, etc., thus promoting and accelerating the decomposition of protein, fat, carbohydrate, the heat source nutrients of the three winter fitness exercises, so as to increase the body’s cold resistance, thus causing excessive heat loss of the human body. Therefore, winter nutrition should focus on increasing heat energy, and more food rich in carbohydrate and winter health care knowledge can be appropriately taken. For the elderly, fat intake should not be too much to avoid other diseases of the elderly with household fitness equipment, but adequate protein should be taken, because protein metabolism is enhanced and the body is prone to negative nitrogen balance. The supply of protein should account for 15~17% of the total calories. The protein supplied should mainly be the protein of health care knowledge, such as lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans and their products. The protein contained in these foods is not only convenient for human digestion and absorption, but also rich in essential amino acids, with high nutritional value, which can increase the cold resistance and disease resistance of the human body.

Winter is also the off-season of vegetables. The number of vegetables is small and the varieties are monotonous, especially in northern China. Therefore, after a winter, the human body is often deficient in vitamins, such as vitamin c.

Health care methods in winter

The methods of health care in winter include mental health, food health and living health.

I Quietness is the foundation, and the maintenance of spirit should be based on stability and quietness in winter to maintain spiritual happiness and emotional stability. In the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine, “make your ambition as if hidden, if you have selfish intentions, if you have gained” means that in winter, you should avoid the interference and stimulation of all kinds of bad emotions, keep your mood in a calm and indifferent state, keep things secret, keep your mind calm, and let your inner world be filled with optimism and joy.

II Eating more warm food and less cold food in winter should be supplemented by food regimen. Traditional health science divides food into three categories: cold, warm and mild. The winter climate is cold. In order to keep warm, people should eat more warm food and less cold and raw food. Warm food includes glutinous rice, sorghum rice, chestnut, jujube, walnut kernel, almond, leek, coriander, pumpkin, ginger, onion, garlic, etc.

III Go to bed early and get up late to avoid cold and keep warm. The key to winter health is fresh air, “work at sunrise and rest at sunset”. In winter, it is particularly important to ensure adequate sleep time. From the perspective of traditional health preservation, properly increasing sleep time in winter is conducive to the potential of yang and the accumulation of yin essence, so that the human body can reach a healthy state of “yin is flat and yang is secret, and spirit is the cure”.

The research shows that the air pollution is the most serious in the early morning of winter. All kinds of toxic and harmful gases settle on the ground due to the temperature drop at night. Only when the sun comes out and the surface temperature rises, can they rise to the air.

Especially in the early morning of winter, there is often fog. The foggy days not only cause inconvenience to traffic, but also damage human health. Since ancient times, there has been a saying of “poison fog killing knife in autumn and winter”. According to the measurement, the proportion of various acids, alkalis, salts, amines, phenols, dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances in the fog drops is dozens of times higher than that in raindrops. If you exercise in the fog in the morning in winter, with the increase of the amount of exercise, people’s breathing will inevitably deepen and accelerate, and more harmful substances in the fog will be inhaled, thus inducing or aggravating bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis, conjunctivitis and many other diseases.

The winter weather is cold, so the indoor temperature should be appropriate. The room temperature should be 18 ℃~25 ℃. Too high or too low indoor temperature is bad for health. If the indoor temperature is too high, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will be too large, which is easy to cause colds; If the indoor temperature is too low, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases if the human body lives in a low temperature environment for a long time. The thickness of the bedding should be properly adjusted according to the change of room temperature, so that the human body feels warm without sweating. The cotton clothes you wear when going out should be pure cotton, soft, light and warm. In winter, the neck, back and feet should also be paid special attention to.

I Keep your neck warm. Some people continue to cough in winter and are not easy to cure. After careful observation, it turns out that the cold air directly stimulates the trachea due to exposing the neck by wearing an open collar garment. The symptoms disappear after changing to a high collar garment and adding a fur scarf.

II Keep your back warm. The back is the yang in the yang of the human body, and wind chill and other evils can easily invade the back and cause exogenous diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Pay attention to keeping your back warm. You should wear a cotton vest. You should also keep your back warm when sleeping to avoid the invasion of cold evil and damage the yang.

III It is to keep feet warm. The foot is the foundation of the human body. It is the beginning of the Three Yin Meridians and the end of the Three Yang Meridians. It is connected with the twelve meridians and the Qi and blood of the fu organs. As the saying goes, “Cold starts at the foot.” Because the foot is far from the heart, the blood supply is insufficient, the heat is less, and the heat preservation is poor, it is important to keep the foot warm. In addition to keeping feet warm during the day, washing feet with hot water every night can promote blood circulation throughout the body, enhance the body’s defense ability, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.

Post time: Oct-26-2022